last week’s highlights

It has been a full and fun week here.

Oscar had 2 baseball games this week, where he played catcher and center field.

IMG_9238 IMG_9240 IMG_9252 IMG_9256IMG_7099IMG_7098We spent any time we could outside, between rainstorms. IMG_7180IMG_7118IMG_7124IMG_7128-1IMG_7145IMG_7151-1IMG_7152

Everyone is excited that the shaved ice truck a half mile away is open again!

We celebrated Mother’s Day at home today with a family nap, BBQ chicken, and time outside (even put the kids to work some).

IMG_7181IMG_7213IMG_7218 IMG_7225

FullSizeRender 2

He might’ve made me older than I am, but I still loved reading what he wrote. Also, he told me the last one is “cuddle with me” though I do love coloring with him too! 

We even managed to have some down time.

IMG_7077 IMG_7107

Everyone loves a good back scratch from GG.

As the school year winds down, the calendar has been a bit full, but we’re having fun!  We’re loving the longer days, dinners outside, later bedtimes, and are all looking forward to summer!


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