summer days

We’re having a fun summer over here!

We’re swimming a lot (even on cooler days)


first swim lesson


We’re going on adventures.

IMG_7866-1 IMG_7981

We’re spending lots of time outside.

IMG_7998IMG_7745 IMG_7767 IMG_7988

And even with all the fun to be had, we’re having plenty of down time.


Oscar is very excited about his new Bible and devotional that we read together each morning.  He also really likes reading Judges 1 when King Adoni-bezek escaped and then the Israelites cut off his big toes and thumbs. Boys.

IMG_7731 IMG_7949 IMG_7965 IMG_7969 IMG_7984-1 IMG_7934

Sometimes, these busy people even get tired.

IMG_7846-2 IMG_7742


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