conversations with kids

After a big thunder boom that made him spill his milk at breakfast…

Oscar: “Whoa.  My milk even jumped.”


A million times a day…

Henry: “Stop it.”


When I asked her to line up the shoes by the door…

Evelyn: “There. Nice and meat.”


At any sound that sounds close to a toot (even when Daddy isn’t home)…

Henry: “Daddy toot!”


When he sees Greg and I hug…

Oscar: “I want in on this.” (weasels his way in)


When she’s thirsty…

Evelyn: “Can I have some nice tea?”


The morning after he ate an entire personal pizza…

Oscar: “Mom, I think I grew last night … because … remember when I ate that whole pizza?


After I told Henry “no”…

Evelyn: “Hen, you’re a bad boy.”

Maggie: “No he’s not.”

Evelyn: “He’s a great boy?”

Maggie: “Yes.”

Evelyn: “I’m not a bad boy.”

Maggie: “No…”

Evelyn: “I’m a great girl.”


Whenever I sneeze (which isn’t the most dainty thing)…

Henry:  “OK?  OK, Mama?”


After some thunder…

Evelyn: “It’s going to rain.  And storm.  And will there be a tomato in the sky?”

Maggie: “A tornado?”

Evelyn: “Yea, a tomato.”


Planning for the future…

Oscar: “When I grow up I want to be an astronaut, race car driver, and a dad.”


Feeling extra lucky that we get to be their parents.

IMG_1545 IMG_1212 IMG_1538 IMG_1229 IMG_1572 IMG_1147IMG_1134


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