somewhere else

For November I’m cheating. Here is a song lyric, but it’s not recorded. Imagine a melody!

I can’t win this battle in my mind
Common sense and nonsense are fighting all the time
Things are exploding to my left and to my right
And I can’t win this battle in my mind

I’m lost standing in an open field
Paralyzed decisions are all that I can feel
I want to take a step but I can’t tell what’s real
I’m lost standing in an open field

I think I’ll just pretend I’m somewhere else
Hiding at a distance here among the empty shells
Yes my eyes are open but my mind is with itself
I think I’ll just pretend I’m somewhere else


great and mighty

Barely made Oct.1 here – started at 11:00pm – whew, sorry mom. At least i’m fulfilling my commitment to provide a new song on the first!

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Here is a singer/songwriter folk’ish type of tune for September.

vacation diddy


we belong to you

for the girl

This month’s deadline approached fast!  I felt like targeting something that you might hear on radio Disney for fun.  This is what came after about 6 hrs – most of which was spent on programming instead of lyric writing – ha!


Here is a country tune for May.  It is a song born from life’s tensions, which seems fitting right now.  So – for those who bust their butts and sometimes wish they could just take a break from responsibility every now and then – I give you “Away”.

you are beyond

This is a worship tune in production.  What you are hearing here is what we call scratch tracks – it’s just a raw acoustic and a vocal.  No fancy delays, reverbs, or pitch corrections!  It’s like the backbone of a recording that everything else can be built off of – and it’s destiny is only to be used and then erased.  Maybe you can imagine some sweet production elements that you might add?!?  I hope you enjoy!

how about a hymn

Here I’ve taken two verses from the hymn titled I Sing The Mighty Power of God, written by Isaac Watts in 1715, and I’ve added a chorus and a bridge section.  It might seem like cheating to not do a completely original song – but give me a break – February is a short month!


The February tune is a congregational worship type of song.  I worked on it with my guitarist buddy Kyle Wood.  We only had about a day of tracking and mixing time, but it still feels good to get it captured.  Here she is…

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