baby hat: check

There are many things I do not know.  But I do know the following:

1. Indiana is unpredictable.  Saturday it was nearly 70 and today it snowed.

2. March is unpredictable.  For Oscar’s birthday last year we played outside, went fishing and cooked out (but that’s not usually the case)

Because of both of the above, I decided Evelyn needed (at least one) cute hat made with love by Mom.  I came across this pattern via Pinterest a while back and knew if we ever had a girl, that she would have to have one…or three.  The pattern was super easy, worked up very quickly, and is super adorbs.

I started her blanket over the weekend, so the question is now:  One more hat, or move on to booties?



2012: the year of many things

I’ve already decided that 2012 is the year of many things:

1. the year I stop picking my nails… for good

2. the year I crochet socks for the first time

3. the year of the panini in our house

and today I added another:

4. the year I finally start an etsy shop

I had made a hat for a friend a few years ago that someone in Missouri liked, and I was contacted about making one for them.  I always love when someone contacts me about making something for them.  I love hunting for the right yarn and pattern, and giving them something made just for them.  So to make a hat for someone out of state that I didn’t know was exciting to me.  It is the same feeling I get when I get to feed someone, I absolutely love it.  This might explain why I’ve not made something for myself in a couple of years!  I plan on fixing that very soon, though.

This pattern in particular I decided to scale down to toddler size and whipped one up for Oscar yesterday (I needed something to distract me from the pummeling IU was receiving).  I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.  I think Oscar is too, as he insisted on wearing it while we played play-doh, trains, and colored today.

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I will set up an etsy shop this year.  If I blog about it I have to do it, right?  Please hold me accountable, friends.

reusable “Swiffer” dust mop cover

We have mostly wood floors in our home that I ideally have time to Swiffer once during the week, between vacuuming.  Having as much of our home with wood floors as we do, I usually have to use at least 2 Swiffer pads per go around.  That puts these babies on the grocery list more often than I’d like to buy them.  We’re all about saving Benjamins in our house, and creating less trash is always a good thing, so with some of my extra time this summer I decided to crochet a reusable dust mop pad just to see how well it would work.  I had seen many patterns for them online but was quite the skeptic…

If I’m being completely honest, my level of excitement over how well this worked really is quite lame, and I’m well aware of it.  For crying out loud, I’m blogging about reusable Swiffer pads, and I don’t care who knows it.

Results:  As far as dust goes, this thing stands  up to the Swiffer easily.  There were like 2 crumbs under the table that didn’t stick, but I doubt they would have even stuck to the real deal, so I just picked them up.  Also, when you feel like it is dirty you can just turn it inside out and keep truckin’!  These puppies are quick and easy to make, can go in the wash, and I would like to make a stash to put in my Etsy shop (that I will open before school starts even if I only have 2 dust mop covers to list).

What little tricks do you have to save moolah?

Crocheter’s ADD

I don’t know if this is common of all crocheters/knitters, but I have the worst ADD when it comes to completing projects. I owe Greg a hat from last year, because the gauge was weird and I didn’t ever try to adjust the pattern. So… the box of yarn and hat pieces that I wrapped and gave him last year for his birthday is just as it was December 27, 2009, unfinished. There are a couple other unfinished projects that haunt me each time I go in my closet. They stare at me, untouched for months… so I hurry to get what I need and close the door in shame.
After having the babe, I didn’t have time to crochet for quite a while. It took a while to find the time/energy again, but I have, and am so excited about it! I need to complete Greg’s hat and a couple other small projects, but also feel like I need a new project to get excited about. This is the perfect example of my ADD in action. So, despite my frustrations of having too many projects going on at once and not completing any of them in a timely manner, I bought yarn to make this super cute vest last night.

I know it was a mistake. My name is Maggie, and I have a problem. Thank goodness my “needle night” gals will be here Wednesday for some accountability. Fellow yarners, do any of you also struggle with this, or am I alone on this one?

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